Horrid Crossbreed

from by Necroabortion

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Fucked up Quasi-Human waste
Horrid crossbreed between boar and hyena

Conceived by a solution of alcohol-semen
Frantic penetration fertilized venom-womb innards.

The drug induced passion and too much time to waste
A disastrous recipe, gave place to a new disposable breed.
Zombie-like minded they pullulate the streets
They prowl amongst us, filling the air with the stench of decadence

Lurking for a victim,
They feed on the fear that the weak shows to them
Not really knowing why…
whatever they find, won´t fix their rotting mind.
Thinking about the vice
Dragged to consume cheap synthetic shit, no matter what they have to do to get it.

It has been planned and well executed
Zombifying without voodoo or chemicals
It only took a few years, and now it´s out of control
The perfect mass destruction

Purification of the stumbling race
Stop the production of nature´s bastards
We are being torn apart
A necro-abortion of their fetus-trash.


from The Mutation Process, released August 4, 2016



all rights reserved



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